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Nene Mahlangu - Lulama Wolf Mlambo

7 - 17 novembre 2022

56 Boulevard de la Tour-Maubourg, Paris, France


Galerie Artismagna in partnership with Undiscovered Canvas is proud to present – ECLIPSE – featuring Luluma ‘Wolf’ Mlambo and Nene Mahlangu. The duo show exhibition will be held at Galerie Artismagna in Paris from 17th to 27th november 2022, orbiting African art experiences on the french scene.

Curated by Nomaza Nongqunga-Coupez, Rodrigue Naucelles and Emmanuel de Boisset.

Where Wolf and Mahlangu appear to be from different artistic worlds, a deeper look reveals shared humanness. Mahlangu dissects the social soul to expose our human conditions. Her collection explores the Seven Deadly Sins, probing into who we are when no one is looking. Her subjects are realistic, modern figures expressed in bold acrylic and seductive detail. Through introspection, revelation, and acceptance, she shows how we can fully inhabit our skin. Hers is a planet of Lust perched on a leaf, Icarus trying to reach the Sun. Her work is necessary as it subverts the normative narrative of African poverty and suffering, by casting her subjects as whole persons worthy of investigation beyond socio-economic dogma.

Wolf’s works suggest an imagination of precolonial ancestral life in Africa. While exploring our historical possibilities, she brings an offering of ease, joy, and simplicity. Her hyper-visualised subjects inhabit a world of infinite lines, earthy tones, and guided intentions. She pulls from ancient African art techniques, transferring methods such as scraping and smearing onto her contemporary works. Her planet is re-imagining African rest.

Where Wolf dreams of our highest self, Mahlangu exposes our deepest fears. Together, the curation is a recurring eclipse of the human experience. Mahlangu and Wolf demonstrate African intellectual integrity, producing conceptual works mined from their lived realities. The duo is a capsule of investment potential and exciting growth.

Their works, to be shown from the 17th to the 27th of november will be accompanied by three rare lithographies from Jean-Michel Basquiat.

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